L’Association Internationale de la Médaille Miraculeuse

L’Association Internationale de la Médaille Miraculeuse

Intentions de prière

Je prie pour l’ouverture des finances dans ma vie, celle de ma mère aussi. Du travail, de l’enfantement, du pardon de l’harmonie et la paix. Puisse dieu changer mon histoire et celle de ma famille. Mes amis et celle du Cameroun aussi. Amen
Please pray for S.T. (Sixteen-year-old, of Maine, USA has been missing since Saturday morning.) Please pray for her safe return!!!
Por favor rezen por mi trabajo para que se mantenga en perfecto estado . Salvado. I para que mi marido encuentre un mejor trabajo. Gracias. Rezare por sus intenciones.
Please pray for T.P. a 14-year-old boy has died after an ATV accident. Please pray for eternal rest for him and peace and comfort for his family!!!!
Aumento de la Fe de nuestra familia, Don de contricción de pecados, vida consagrada, efusión del Espíritu Santo y curación de los enfermos.
Please pray for V. S. ( Deceased ) Please pray for eternal rest for her soul.
Matko Boża proszę o uzdrowienie D. z alkoholizmu, o zdrowie dla niego.
W. was 25 when he passed away. He was riding on his skateboard when he was hit. It was hit and run. Please pray for help and comfort for his father and family. W. was an easygoing person who had the natural ability to make people laugh.
Pray for E….Police looking for hit-and-run driver who injured her. The victim, 16-year-old E., suffered a broken leg, ankle and wrist and a shattered pelvis, and recovery could take months. Pray for a miracle of healing!!!
Pray for R. and her family!!!! R. B., 9, was declared legally dead in the early morning hours on Tuesday, and is being kept on life support until an operation can be scheduled to donate her organs, her family has said.
I have a constant ringing in my ears. It is called tinnitus. I never can experience silence. Please pray for my healing- Pray God heals my ears so that I can hear clearly and without this ringing!!! Pray for inter peace- peace in my mind and heart!!!
Eternal Rest grant unto these souls..K.S., T.I…. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on them. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for them!!!
Matko Boża proszę o łaskę pojednania między mną a M. Odnow w naszych sercach na nowo przyjaźń między nami.
Bulletin n° 59

Bulletin n° 59

Le bulletin n ° 59 de l’Association internationale de la médaille miraculeuse est affiché ici.

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